Our Company



Vessel was born as a project to lend services feeders to the ports that, by their nature or dimension of the ships, they cannot take the loads of the different business districts that offers ours coastal, since the Rio de la Plata and the River Paraná to the River Paraguay.  

In the year 2000 already we had conquered the ports of Zárate, Rosario and The Palmas.

Nowadays, Vessel INC. and Vessel Atlantic INC. carry out services feeder that understand the traffic of importing and export waterway and Maritime since and toward the ports of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay), Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) and Asunción (Paraguay), where the load is transported since and toward the oceanic ships of the main maritime lines assuring the international trade.  

In which to security concerns, our embarkations are low certificates code ISM, International Code of Management of the Security of the International Maritime Organization.  

We include 8 embarkations that carry out the traffic:

  • Bue/Mvd – Asu and vice versa with to two weekly exits
  • Bue/Mvd – Rgd with a weekly exit.  

All this causes is us the business number one of services feeder of the region, maintaining always the commitment with our clients, offering them a permanent development and improvement of our trade, with the objective of satisfying all its needs to greater competitive level.